Teh #kodehjelp XML Tree Games of 2009 Language: Python 2.6 Rules: 1. The winner is decided by whoever has the smallest size of the source code file. 1.1 If two -- or more -- persons happen to have the same source size, the fastest solution wins. This is decided by running both solutions a large number of times. If the solutions are within 10% of each other in running time, the solution delivered first wins. 2. Contributions not in the "general spirit" of the competition will be disqualified, even if they adher to the rules posted here. 3. Your program should output a tree showing the structure of an XML document, indented with 4 spaces for each depth of the tree. 4. The XML document will be provided on stdin 5. All XML documents will be well-formed. 6. Tags may be closed within the tag itself () 7. XML documents will not contain <> within attributes, comments or CDATA segments. 8. The XML document will not contain a XML preprocessor statement ( gmail < dot > com Example input: </head> <body> <hr/> <div> <div> asd </div> </div> </body> </html> Example output: html head title body hr div div