Just found a post detailing the release of the preview version of the MYSQLND support for PDO! For those of us who have grown fond of PDO during the last years and still uses MySQL, this is great news! The MYSQLND library is a reimplementation of the MySQL library, intended for native PHP usage instead of bridging it with the regular interface to libmysql. This brings a neat speed increase and overall goodness.

All hail MYSQLND! I’ll try to give the preview version a try over the weekend. You can read even more over at The PDO/MYSQLND Annoucement at lists.mysql.com or you can have a look at the installation procedure.

After six years..

The previous version of this site had now been idle for at least six years while I’ve been using other sites to communicate with the intarwebs. Well, no more of that and quite a bit more of this. This will be the location where I keep my notes and probably write a few small articles and other stuff about interesting stuff and stuff. Stuff. You know.

The old pages has been permanently moved to old/, so if that’s what you came for, that’s the place to find it. All old links has been tagged as 301 Moved Permanently, so it should still be indexed in the same manner as it used to be. It’ll take a while before all the search engines are updated however, so if you stumble across this site from somewhere else, you’ll know where to look.