deck.ignite.js – Ignite / Pecha Kucha presentations in deck.js

After experimenting with deck.js yesterday for two presentations I had to give at a local networking meet, I decided to try to hack together a small extension for deck.js that makes any presentation an Ignite presentation. The concept is simply: 20 slides, 15 seconds for each slide – allowing you to only present the absolute minimum about a subject.

Using the extension is easy; simply download deck.ignite.js from my github repository and add a script tag that references the file after you’ve loaded the usual deck.js files (together with your other extensions):

You can also configure the delay used for each slide (Pecha Kucha presentations use 20 seconds) by setting the igniteDelay option when initializing deck:

$.deck(".slide", { igniteDelay: 20 });

You can read a more detailed description at the github project page.

PHP Vikinger Notes

Just a few notes from PHP Vikinger which were arranged by Derick Rethans in Norway today. Things went mostly smoothly and people in general seemed to have a very good time. These are just some of the random notes I made during the sessions.

All in all it was a good unconference, with a friendly and laid back tone and hopefully people got what they came for. Next time I’ll try to prepare a simple presentation on some interesting and hopefully not too familiar topic and actually contribute something too. We drove from Halden and Fredrikstad to Skien in the morning and back in the evening, which worked out quite OK, except for .. well, the lack of sleep in the morning. But everyone survived and managed to stay awake, so I conclude that the trip was a great success.

To sum it all up: a banana is a fruit and a tomato is a berry. You probably had to be there for that one.

Thanks for the unconference, and hopefully I’ll be able to attend more events in the future too.

UPDATE: Derick also has a writeup online from PHP Vikinger.

Derick and Sebastian Readying a Presentation