Handling Large Datasets at Google

High Scalability has a neat post today highlighting a recent presentation given by Jeff Dean from Google at this year’s Data-Intensive Computing Symposium. The presentation named “Handling Large Datasets at Google: Current Systems and Future Directions” (video (hosted by Yahoo!) ) (slides) dips into quite an amount of issues and thoughts about what it takes to run something handling petabytes of data. the video of the presentation

I’ll leave you with a quite interesting list shown in slide 8 (of 58) under the title of “Typical first year for a new cluster“:

  • ~0.5 overheating (power down most machines in <5 mins, ~1-2 days to recover)
  • ~1 PDU failure (~500-1000 machines suddenly disappear, ~6 hours to come back)
  • ~1 rack-move (plenty of warning, ~500-1000 machines powered down, ~6 hours)
  • ~1 network rewiring (rolling ~5% of machines down over 2-day span)
  • ~20 rack failures (40-80 machines instantly disappear, 1-6 hours to get back)
  • ~5 racks go wonky (40-80 machines see 50% packet loss)
  • ~8 network maintenances (4 might cause ~30-minute random connectivity losses)
  • ~12 router reloads (takes out DNS and external vips for a couple minutes)
  • ~3 router failures (have to immediately pull traffic for an hour)
  • ~dozens of minor 30-second blips for dns
  • ~1000 individual machine failures
  • ~thousands of hard drive failures

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