Moving to WordPress from Serendipity (s9y)

Oh well, I spent the last evening moving my blog from Serendipity (s9y) over to WordPress. The reason for this is that after Christer and I talked a bit, we discovered that something wasn’t working as it should with the trackbacks and pingbacks. As every good programmer does, I headed into the source instead of reading anything sensible about the subject, and well.. I wasn’t really impressed. As s9y is still catering to those who need PHP4 support, the code was a mess of functions here and functions there and no real separation, including Global variables and other messy things. WordPress isn’t much better in the “silly amount of functions” area, but I’ll leave that for the next blogpost or two about WordPress issues that’s getting on my nerves.

Anyways, after seeing their XML-RPC implementation .. which was a couple of large preg_match statements trying to look for the XML-RPC request, I called it a day and decided this wasn’t fixable to bring it up to my need. I’d very much like to patch it up and submit my own XML-RPC server for them to use, but it’s based on PHP5 and the reflection API, so no go there. All that frustration ended in installing wordpress yet again, so here we are, after spending the night of getting everything up to speed and looking like it was again. I’ll create a post later for those who want to take the same route, and I’ll include the RewriteRules to make all your old links still work in WordPress.

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