Birkebeinerrittet Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow’s the day when the regular birkebeinerrittet mountain bike race is held (over 3000 people already finished the race today, in the first “Fredagsbirken”). The organizers had to set up an extra race day because of the number of people signing up; the primary spots were gone in 90 seconds. I’m one of those who managed to get my spot during those 90 seconds, so tomorrow at 13:00 I’m starting from Rena, hopefully finishing in Lillehammer somewhere around five hours later. I’ve just added 3kgs of dead weight to my backpack, as all participants have to have at least 3.5kgs on their back. My dad actually still had the led pack we made for dead weight when I last competed in the race in 1996, so well, it’s going on it’s second run!

Primary goal: finishing Secondary goal: finishing below 5 hours. Third goal: escape death.

2 thoughts on “Birkebeinerrittet Tomorrow”

  1. Escaping death should be priority numero uno!

    But hey, you’re still alive and kicking. Wildly impressive, GG! : D

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