Patching Zend_OpenId To Maintain Error Messages

To help anyone else in their quest to implement Zend_OpenId in their code, I’ve created a small patch against trunk which adds error internal error messages in most places where there’s a return false;. This should help when debugging your code, both if you’re implementing an authentication service and use Zend_OpenId as a consumer or if you’re implementing just the consumer part of the equation.

I’ve uploaded the diff: Consumer.php.patch (Consumer.php.patch.txt).

The only thing that seemed a bit weird was that one of the error messages that were present in 1.6.0 had been removed in trunk:

if ($status != 200) {
    this->_setError("'Dumb' signature verification HTTP request failed");
    return false;

I’ve readded this message in my patch, but I feel that the error message should be something like:

$this->_setError("The server responded with HTTP status code: " . $status);


Oh well. Hopefully someone will find this useful.

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