What. Four. The number.

Kristian obviously has way too little to do while in Newcastle, UK, so he got challenged by his girlfriend to write a list of four items on several key subjects. And he challenged me to do the same. Bastard.

  1. Name 4 jobs I have had:
  2. 4 movies I could watch again:
  3. Name 4 places I have lived:
    • Trondheim
    • Fredrikstad
    • .. and that’s that.
  4. Name four tv shows I like:
    • West Wing
    • South Park
    • Numb3rs
    • Bones
  5. Four places I have been on vacation:
    • Hartford, CT, USA
    • Orlando, FL, USA
    • Jylland, Denmark
    • London, UK
  6. Four web sites I visit every day:

As I’m a cheerful fellow, I’m not going to challenge anyone. But I’ll leave a brief hint that it’s about time that Ole posts something in his blog again.

(Bonus point: The first time the category “Uncategorized” has been used with intention on this blog. This really is uncategorized.)

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