2008 In Retrospect

Christer inspired me to have a look back on what happened on the blog during 2008, so I’ve compiled a list of numbers, posts and other (non-)interesting information around the blog. The most significant thing is probably that I actually started the blog in April 2008, so I’ve just finished the first year of actually blogging.

Key stats:

  • Posts: 161
  • Comments: 89
  • Hits: 242781
  • Unique: 18882
  • Spam caught by akismet: 2596
  • Most spammed month: November
  • Technorati Authority: 13
  • Technorati Rank: 454.532
  • Reactions registered on Technorati: 51
  • Incoming links (to e-mats.org) on Google: 29
  • Incoming links (to e-mats.org) on Google Blogsearch: 23

Most popular referers:

  • google.com
  • search.live.com
  • en.blog.wordpress.com
  • google.de
  • google.co.uk
  • google.co.in
  • dagbladet.no
  • google.ca
  • google.fr
  • blog.vincentlaforet.com
  • cogo.wordpress.com
  • google.nl

Most popular posts:

I have no idea why the 77 things post is the most popular. The Tortoise post solves an issue people are using google to find information about, the same with the ssh_exchange_identification post. The WordPress post got some publicity in the comments on the WordPress blog (and a trackback or two from my other WordPress posts). An intersting thing is the popularity of Swoooosh, which I made as an exercise in programming with Flex. There seems to be a great demand for another free, completly open source flash file uploader, so I’d suggest that someone took the project further — and hooked up a Google Code page for it.

The year ended with the release of Keepitclose – a PHP based caching solution, which was my first project on Google Code. It was a fun project to do, and we’re putting it into production during the first weeks of 2009.

Other important things of 2008 was the library that Christer and I’ve been developing. We’ve not released any products based on it yet, but it has been a great exercise in developing and structuring code for reuse. Hopefully we’ll see a release during 2009.

I’ve spent the last week updating the pwned.no code base, and I’m planning an updated release during this week.

The biggest thing of 2008 on a personal note was that we finally got ourselves a brand new house, which we moved into at the 30th of november.

I’ll leave you with wishing you a Happy New Year (if you’re following the same calendar as I am), and hopefully the new year will bring loads of interesting projects and great news!

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