Pinouts for the Guitar Hero World Tour Wireless Controller

If you’ve ever wondered exactly which buttons correspond to which pins on the internal layout of the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour Wireless Controller, look no further! If you ever see the insides of such a controller and are wondering exactly which buttons are designated to which pins or wires, this can save you the trouble of opening both the neck and the base:

Green (A): 1 + 8
Red (B): 2 + 7
Yellow (Y): 2 + 6
Blue (X): 2 + 3
Orange (LB): 4 + 5

Attach a multimeter to measure the resistance between the two pins for each button, and you’ll see the value drop towards zero each time you press the corresponding button. This is very useful for debugging an issue where one of the buttons seems broken.

Good luck!

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