SOLR: no segments* file found

While playing around with one of my development SOLR installations (this time under Windows), I suddenly got a weird error message when feeding data to one of the fresh cores.

SEVERE: java.lang.RuntimeException: no segments* file found in\temp\solr\*\data\index: files:

Taking a look at the contents of the index\ directory, it was in fact empty. Seems weird, but my initial guess was that Lucene / SOLR would treat this as a new installation and create the files.

Turns out the issue is that it won’t – as long as the index directory exists, Lucene / SOLR goes looking for the segment files.

Thanks to an old post to the solr-dev list by Yonik, the easiest fix is to simply delete the index directory and restart your applet container (Tomcat in this case).

31 thoughts on “SOLR: no segments* file found”

  1. I can only say that I think I love you :) This saved my day. It is indeed annoying. I may have to submit a patch.

  2. Cheers to this one. I emptied my index directory and restarted Apache without anything happening. The solutions was to simply delete the whole index folder! :-)

  3. Saved my day too – tried deleting the whole “data” directory; tried clearing the “index” dir of files; but didn’t think to leave an empty “data” directory…

  4. Over 3 years later and you just saved me an untold amount of time and a bunch of cranky testers. Thanks!

    Honorable mention to Google for turning this up first. ^_^

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