Getting a Look Behind the Scenes of PDO

Ulf Wendel is presenting several good articles about the process about implementing the mysqlnd library for PDO as PDO_MYSQLND. I wrote about PDO_MYSQLND when it first was announced, but Ulf has posted two good articles about the implementation of PDO_MYSQLND since then. These articles provide a unique insight into how PDO is built and what challenges lies ahead for PDO2 (.. in addition to the license and NDA debate..)

Remember that you can always follow the latest developments over at Planet PHP.

Discovering innotop

Stumbled across a post by Sunny Walia (.. I tried finding your name, but it’s not on your about page, in your title or on the top of your page, so I had to dig through my feedreader) about installing innotop under RedHat. I’ve never heard about innotop before, but after a bit of using the almighty Google (or you could just follow the link in the last part of the linked article), I found the man page for innotop. It’s a tool with an user interface similiar to the regular unix tool top, but for supervising the current state of your innodb tables instead. Several examples of output are given in the man page.

Using MySQL Proxy to Update Memcached

Jan Kneschke has a very interesting post about how you could use replication and MySQL Proxy to mark entries as dirty in memcached. This way you’re able to expire the data from memcached when it actually is updated on the database level, without having to add another level of abstraction in your application. A very novel approach and it’ll be nice to see how this plays out in practice with 5.1.