I Made It!

After a cruelling 81 kilometers and 4 hours and 47 minutes, I finally reached Halden from Strömstad! Magne finished at 4 hours and 4 minutes, 43 minutes ahead of me. Every possible muscle feels sore at the moment, but it was a great experience. Wouldn’t do it again tomorrow, but there’s a good possibility that we’ll do the race next year too. It rained all morning, but just before we were about to start, the rain magically stopped. The gravel roads where however very wet and soggy, which meant that you had to pedal all the time, all the way. The bike just wouldn’t roll, as the tires got loads of traction and stayed down on the ground. Anyways, weeee’re done!

.. and now I’m doing Birkebeinerrittet in the last weekend of August. Not really looking forward to it at the moment, but that’ll change in a few days.

Photo by Aleksander Toppe!