Google Launches Friend Connect

Google announced their release of Friend Connect today, a platform built to share social data across social networking site, and for allowing 3rd party applications for building applications on top of the social networks already available at other sites. Together with OpenSocial this will hopefully make it possible to maintain your friends graph across sites and available applications, so that you don’t have to reconnect with your friends on ALL the social sites that you use out there. I also hope that it moves some of the lock-in and power of the largest players in the market, and will allow us smaller developers to allow our customers to use their existing data with us. I’ve signed up for the beta program, but I’m guessing that there’s quite a few companies that’s going to get in before my ticket shows up.

Anyways, the plan is to integrate the service over at the best site for electronic tournaments ( and at a few other projects that I have brewing in the “this will be cool” section. More about those projects later.