Weekend Link Roundup

As we’re starting a new week I’m just going to round up a few of the links I’ve been having around in my browsers for quite some time now:

  • Gravatar Implementation Details – I’m currently looking into using gravatars as default avatars for a smallish site I’m writing a few lines of code for every now and then. This page details which parameters you can submit to gravatar to control the image returned from their servers.
  • The BOSS Mashable Challenge is a contest hosted by mashable and Yahoo! Search about building a site or resource on top of the BOSS API from Yahoo! BOSS stands for “Build your Own Search Service“, and is an open API to access Yahoo’s search service from your own applications. It’s very interesting and I have several ideas about how to incorporate this into our own sites.
  • NRKbeta just had a notice about a very nice site containing biaural recordings. I listened to a few of these a couple of years back without being very impressed at the time, but these recordings are at a whole new level. Great stuff. Still have a bit of trouble about determining if something is in front of me or behind me, other than the usual context clues (people cutting your hair is usually behind you, not in front of you, etc).
  • The Open Social Specification – Just had to look this up again today. Wondering if I should attempt to implement Open Social for social networking and for your friends graph in the sites I’m currently hacking around with. Could be a good experience anyways.
  • I want this.