Google Earth and Error Code 29

I finally installed Google Earth on my Ubuntu Intrepid installation at work today, but everything crapped out with a “Could not contact… Error code 29” error. Didn’t find any obvious solution at first, but deep inside a thread at the Ubuntu forums I stumbled across a post about how to fix Error Code 29 in Google Earth. The trick? Install lib32nss-mdns through apt-get, delete .googleearth and .config/Google/GoogleEarthPlus.conf, restart and be happy.

Worked great. Thanks Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. Melk79.

Gadgetting Up The Bike

A good day for internet shopping! After spending some time riding my bike the last months, I’ve finally decided to purchase a proper cycle computer. After riding the regular track together with Anders today, he sent me the files from the run from his Garmin Edge 305. I’ve delayed this decision for a very long time, but when I saw that the files were pure XML and that the bundled training software actually weren’t that bad, I were sold.

So off we went to the internet to search for a Garmin Edge for a fair price here in Norway. Kartbutikken turned out to have the best prices, and they have the Garmin Edge 205 for a special price right now! I do however want support for heart rate monitoring and more importantly, the rate of pedaling (cadence). This meant upgrading to at least the Garmin Edge 305, but as it turned up to be hard to get it for a fair price, I rather went all the way and got the Garmin Edge 705! It’s a bad mother.. lover, and supports everything. Being a bit of a map nerd, I’m getting excited just thinking about mapping these beautiful paths on a map. Yeeehaaaw!

I’ll be sure to bring it along when I’m doing Grenserittet in just about two weeks time (~80 km).

Bonus points for using “gadgetting” for the first time.

Anyone Going Geohashing?

The xkcd strip of the day features the concept of geohashing. It works by taking the square of your lat/lon coordinates (lat, lon, lat+1, lon+1) and then deciding the decimal part by hashing a date concatenated with the opening at the DOW index. The calculated location is the meeting point for that day. As the calculation of the points depend on the DOW index for that particular day, it’s impossible to guess the location the day before the meeting is happening. Read more on the xkcd wiki!

Anyone in Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg/Halden up for this?