Back From Some Semi-Unscheduled Downtime

The blog (and everything else hosted on this server) was down for a total of 8 hours tonight. We started seeing disk read errors in the kernel log on friday, and spent the weekend backing up and saving configuration files that weren’t already in the off site backup. My host (NGZ) responded quickly and told me to just give them a hint when the server was ready for the disk change.

We decided to stop postfix from accepting email last sunday night, after which I ran a complete rsync and dumped the contents of MySQL and other services. We’ve just started up postfix again, and everything seems to be working as it should (.. after remembering to start spamd and install procmail again…).

Oh well. Back from the dead to haunt you yet again!

We’ll have a few minutes downtime in a couple of days when we remove the troubled disk again, but until then, stay happy!