Trackday with NSK at Rudskogen (26th of July 2008)

While I was working today, Marius and Eirik spent some time at Norsk Sportsvogn Klubb’s trackday at Rudskogen. I joined them after finishing up the usual saturday routine, and got the opportunity to snap a few shots before calling it the day. We even managed to get a small spin captured on the cam after a car spun the previous round and left some fluids in a corner. Video included!

A few pictures:

Getting Ready for the Final Run
(by Eirik while Marius and I were waiting to get out on the track)

GT2 Heading Up the Short Straight

Porsche Carrera Heading Into Pit Corner

Lotus Exige at the Short Straight

And the vid of the day:

Tomorrow we’re heading out for auto slalom again, so I’ll try to get a few shots online tomorrow night too.