Yahoo!, SearchMonkey and Microformats

Both Rasmus and Sara has posts up about a new feature of Yahoo! Search which actually seems to be a step forward in terms of search engine functionality. This will make it possible for 3rd party developers to actually run code on Yahoo!’s servers to enhance their search result for your own page.

The first examples shows how they’ve used Microformats to give a better presentation of businesses available. I’ve previously implemented the hCard microformat at Derdubor, where we have a local directory search for businesses in Norway. All our search hits and profile pages are tagged up in microformats, so that a compliant parser are able to fetch business information and provide it to our users in a proper way. It’s simply great to see Yahoo! add this kind of support for new formats, and I’m already looking forward to playing with it to give better results for and a few other projects I’m playing around with.