Whoisi – Social Aggregation

Just found out about whoisi.com through John Resig, and it’s quite a nifty little app. It aggregates several feeds in the context of an individual. The application does not require any login, and builds on the collection of all resources people are able to gather for one particular individual. I’ve collected the available feeds for myself over at my whoisi.com page, so that you can actually follow my flickr page, my twitter and my blog from one location. If you have any other resources where I’m contributing (maybe my youtube-feed?), feel free to add them.

I also suggest playing with the “random person” feature, I’ve had quite a bit of fun with that one today.

Number one feature: I don’t have to log in at Whoisi. Amazing. I just get a personalized link that I can email to myself for storage or simply bookmark it in my browser (or private on a bookmark site). No hassle. No email. No person information. Instant win.

You can read more about the technical implementation over at Christopher Blizzard’s blog.