The Norwegian PHP TestFest is Done!

Just got back from Oslo after The Norwegian PHP TestFest. We were a total of seven people and Hannes Magnusson (hm, familiar title for that blog: We don’t either.) held an introduction to how to write .phpt tests. I had read a bit about the stuff previously and written at test or two, but I finally got some time to play around with the run-tests.php-script and other small tidbits.

I think everyone had a good time, and according to Flyspray for the PHP TestFest, we managed to write a total of 13 tests. The two tests for similar_text() and the two tests for using sqlite as a session save handler were the product of yours truly. I’ll try to contribute more in the future, I’ll just have to get gcov and a few other tidbits up and running here first.

In regards to writing phpt tests for the session module; anyone have a good idea how to force the garbage collector of a session save handler to be run? I’ve tried both using session.gc_divisor 1 and session.gc_maxlifetime 1 (and then sleep(2)), but didn’t get things working. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Norwegian PHP TestFest

The Norwegian PHP User Group, PHPNorge, is hosting a Norwegian PHP TestFest in two weeks time, at the 29th of May. Haven’t mentioned it to Christer yet as he’s leaving for New York tomorrow morning (and then connecting to Chicago for php|tek). I’m going to the TestFest at the 29th unless something special shows up, and I ask anyone available in the area to join in to make a contribution. See you there!