World Class Sports Photography

If you’ve ever considered shooting a sporting event or have been wondering what it takes to be a world class sports photographer, the amazing Newsweek 2008 Olympics Picture Blog is the place to be. Three photographers from Newsweek has been shooting for two weeks now, and they’ve been sharing all their experiences and best photos with the world. I’ve learnt loads of stuff about how the real guys do their gigs, and I’m still getting surprised by their persistence to get the good shots. As most photographers they never admit that they got the perfect shot, but the blog is filling up with some of the best photos from the olympics.

I had no idea they did such an amount of remote triggered shots, and while I’m not going to start doing photography for a living any time, at least I know a few tricks if I ever find myself at a track and field event. Awesome. Worth a read, and hopefully they’ll keep it up for all time to come for people to learn more about photography and watch a great collection of stunning pictures.