Spectator PHP Debugger and an Update on WebGrind

Stumbled upon Spectator – an PHP debugger written in XUL. Seems like a promising project and I’m always in favor of people who actually do what they say other people should do :-)

Also worth noting is that the first releases of WebGrind are out, and seems to be a neat tool for those who need to make sense of a few kcachegrind files (for example if you’re using xdebug and it’s profiling functionality).

Web Frontends for Xdebug

David Coallier has a post up about a Google Summer of Code project that has been launched to finally get a web frontend for Xdebug, something many people have been requesting for quite some time. Simultaneously Webgrind has been released, another web based frontend that replicates some of the features from kcachegrind in a web based fashion. Here we go several years without a decent front end, and then two gets announced in the same week. Neat! You can check out Webgrind at their Google Code page.