Marco’s Five PHP5 Features You Can’t Ignore

Marco has a neat list up with five different features about PHP5 which people are still not quite catching on to , and I agree with every single item that made it to the list. I’ve been using SimpleXML myself, and except for a few cryptic issues regarding namespaces and iterators (SimpleXML does quite a bit of magic..) it’s a breeze to work with. For simple .. XML .. parsing, it’s ingenious.

For PDO, we’ve already moved all our projects to PDO, and it’s been my preferred method of accessing databases for at least a year and a half already. Great stuff. We’ve also used the json module for quite some time, which neatly ties into jQuery , mootools and other JavaScript APIs. I still haven’t used SPL that much, but that might change soon. Anyways, a good read for anyone who still live in the PHP4 world..

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