Mikko Posts About Imagick in PHP and Fill Patterns

Mikko is quite active with the development of the Imagick-extension in PHP, possibly the best thing to hit PHP since it’s birth over ten years ago. There’s nothing like the Imagick-extension to make you realize how much you’ve been missing from the GD extension (kindly reworded for Pierre) :-) Anyways: Mikko has a new post up about how to use an image as a fill pattern in Imagick under PHP . Well worth a read!

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2 thoughts on “Mikko Posts About Imagick in PHP and Fill Patterns”

  1. Hi,

    Before saying that GD is crap, you may first RTFM.

    What is described in this post is done in three lines of code using GD.

    Get a clue, and fix your trackback too.

  2. The remark about GD wasn’t really about fill patterns, but mostly about the general quality of the GD library compared to the Imagick library. If it wasn’t clear, I’ll change the wording a bit. There is however no secret that the GD library has it’s troublesome past, both in design and maintenance history.

    Even if just making a fill pattern in GD is three lines of code, it does not increase the overall quality of the library (which, now as it has been adapted completely by PHP project (instead of maintaining two separate versions, as became necessary when GD development actually picked up again, and “we” were left with both a bundled version and a non-bundled version), actually have the potential to receive a quality boost).

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