Blogging Each Day For A Month – The Results Show Redux

After I spent January posting an article each day I summed up my experiences in a post about how this had affected the traffic. As I noted back then the traffic to my blog is driven by search engines as I usually provide solutions to issues I encounter during my daily work. This means that the increase in traffic will be a bit delayed until the posts gets indexed and ranked accordingly.

I’ve added data points for february in the table below, originally seen in the previous post.

October January February
Visits 3 643 4 352 (+19%) 5 678 (+56%)
Pageviews 4 529 5 636 (+24%) 7 327 (+62%)

The average time spent on the site has adjusted itself to 58 seconds (one second down from the time in January) – which is within the bias. Nothing new here.

Obvious conclusion: more content that solves problems people have gives an increase in traffic. Not sure if anyone didn’t see that one coming.

Blogging Each Day For A Month – The Results Show

January has come to an end and in total I managed to blog each day except the 2nd and the 31st. I do not have a plan of continuing on that level, so I’ll probably slide back to the regular frequency of updates (1-2 a month) in the coming weeks. This spur of updates occured as I suddenly had inspiration to do five or six posts in an evening, actually making it possible to keep up the tempo for a couple of weeks. After a while things got a lot harder and I started to slide away from my regular posting time of 11am, but I got the posts out! Now it’s time to look at the stats for the previous month!

My blog is mainly search driven – I cover lots of one-off problems, attempting to include and descriptive error messages and other hints that people may use when they’re using Google to try to find an answer to a task they’re having problems with. This means that people don’t stay around to read other articles than the one they came here for, and so far this has meant that writing a new article usually has given me a small increment in traffic.

As December had the holidays – and searches for the terms I cover drop in large number during those days – I’m using the numbers from October 2009 for comparison. November is a day short.

October January
Visits 3 643 4 352 (+19%)
Pageviews 4 529 5 636 (+24%)

Time spent on the site increased with 7 seconds to 59 seconds – still nothing to write home about.