Blogging Each Day For A Month – The Results Show Redux

After I spent January posting an article each day I summed up my experiences in a post about how this had affected the traffic. As I noted back then the traffic to my blog is driven by search engines as I usually provide solutions to issues I encounter during my daily work. This means that the increase in traffic will be a bit delayed until the posts gets indexed and ranked accordingly.

I’ve added data points for february in the table below, originally seen in the previous post.

October January February
Visits 3 643 4 352 (+19%) 5 678 (+56%)
Pageviews 4 529 5 636 (+24%) 7 327 (+62%)

The average time spent on the site has adjusted itself to 58 seconds (one second down from the time in January) – which is within the bias. Nothing new here.

Obvious conclusion: more content that solves problems people have gives an increase in traffic. Not sure if anyone didn’t see that one coming.