NTFS Junctions and PHP 5.3.0

After upgrading to PHP 5.3.0 on my Windows XP Workstation, Junctions have suddenly stopped working in any PHP related code. I use junctions to hardlink directories from their version specific paths (NTFS symlinks where first introduced with Vista, so I’m still using Junctions), but after upgrading none of the libraries which live in directories that are linked through junctions work.

This seems to be a known bug, Files on NTFS Mounted Volumes (Junctions) inaccessible, although I’m also seeing the issue with completly local files (and not mounted from remote file systems). Seems like the thing to do is to wait for 5.3.1 to resolve the issue .. if it gets fixed to that. For the time being I’ll manually copy the directories.

Update: I’ve added a log of a test session showing the problem.

Mouse Stuck in Lower Right Corner in Ubuntu Intrepid under VMWare?

If your mouse pointer is stuck in the lower right corner after upgrading to the current alpha version of Ubuntu, Intrepid, the reason is that the vmmouse driver got borked somewhere between Hardy and the current version of Intrepid. This means that you’ll only see “Moving to desktop 2” (or whatever desktop you have in the lower right corner). The fix is to change the reference to ‘vmmouse‘ in /etc/X11/xorg.conf to ‘mouse‘. This is not as good (you’ll not be able to move your mouse pointer from your host to your vmware machine seamless any longer), but at least it works.

You can track the current progress over at trackpad: Ubuntu Bug #248521.