deck.ignite.js – Ignite / Pecha Kucha presentations in deck.js

After experimenting with deck.js yesterday for two presentations I had to give at a local networking meet, I decided to try to hack together a small extension for deck.js that makes any presentation an Ignite presentation. The concept is simply: 20 slides, 15 seconds for each slide – allowing you to only present the absolute minimum about a subject.

Using the extension is easy; simply download deck.ignite.js from my github repository and add a script tag that references the file after you’ve loaded the usual deck.js files (together with your other extensions):

You can also configure the delay used for each slide (Pecha Kucha presentations use 20 seconds) by setting the igniteDelay option when initializing deck:

$.deck(".slide", { igniteDelay: 20 });

You can read a more detailed description at the github project page.