deck.ignite.js – Ignite / Pecha Kucha presentations in deck.js

After experimenting with deck.js yesterday for two presentations I had to give at a local networking meet, I decided to try to hack together a small extension for deck.js that makes any presentation an Ignite presentation. The concept is simply: 20 slides, 15 seconds for each slide – allowing you to only present the absolute minimum about a subject.

Using the extension is easy; simply download deck.ignite.js from my github repository and add a script tag that references the file after you’ve loaded the usual deck.js files (together with your other extensions):

You can also configure the delay used for each slide (Pecha Kucha presentations use 20 seconds) by setting the igniteDelay option when initializing deck:

$.deck(".slide", { igniteDelay: 20 });

You can read a more detailed description at the github project page.

The First Presentations From php|tek Online

php|tek is taking place halfway around half of the world for me, but the first presentations from the conference is beginning to appear online now. The first three presentations are from Brian DeShong and Maggie Nelson:

While Brians two presentations were mostly familiar stuff for me, Maggie’s presentation touched something that has troubled me time over and again, and that Christer and me has been looking for a good solution to. We’re currently experiencing the problems described, and I’ve been searching several times for a good tool to generate sqldiffs (and not for the _values_ of most of the tables). I’m waiting eagerly for the first release, and as soon as things are up and running, I’ll look into if there’s anything I can contribute.