Missed Schedule for Posts in WordPress

As I started queuing the posts for the previous run of “Ready for 2010“-articles, I came across a problem with my WordPress installation. The scheduled articles didn’t show up when they were scheduled, and the only thing shown in the WordPress administration interface were a message about “Missed Schedule”. No shit, sherlock.

The reason behind the message is that the wp-cron.php file didn’t run as it should. WordPress usually tries to run this every now and then by inserting a reference to the file through the web site. Apparently this behavior was borked on my blog. I have a perfectly working cron implementation on my server, so instead of relying on WordPress to do some kind of magic to insert a reference to the file and kick off the processing with a web request, I added a reference to wp-cron.php in my usual crontab.

I have no idea how often wp-cron really should be run, but decided that a five minute resolution was enough for my use. The crontab entry is included here:

*/5 * * * * cd <directory of blog> && php wp-cron.php

This runs the cron script from the proper directory, and seems to work fine.

2009 In Retrospect

As we’re now getting a bit more touchy and feely about 2010, I’ll give a short update on the blog itself like I did at the last day of 2008 (and even the title has been recycled! again! The big trend of 2009!).

Key statistics (last year’s number in paranthesis) (2008 was the first year I blogged, so 2009 is the first complete year of data):

  • Posts: 54 (161)
  • Comments: 81 (89)
  • Hits: 399084 (242781)
  • Unique: 30561 (18882) (since the start)
  • Spam caught by akismet: 11828 (2596)
  • Most spammed month: May, 4123 (November)
  • Technorati Authority: 99 (13)
  • Technorati Rank: 78.215 (454.532)
  • Reactions registered on Technorati: no idea how to find this now! (51)
  • Incoming links (to e-mats.org) on Google: 187 (29)
  • Incoming links (to e-mats.org) on Google Blogsearch: 30 (23)

Most popular referers:

  1. google.com
  2. search.live.com
  3. google.co.uk
  4. google.de
  5. google.co.in
  6. google.ca
  7. google.fr
  8. en.blog.wordpress.com
  9. google.nl
  10. google.com.au
  11. google.pl
  12. google.se

At least two weren’t Google!

Stats I didn’t include last year, but decided to include this year (the numbers for last year in paranthesis as above) from Google Analytics:

  • Page Views: 49.403 (21.997) (+125%)
  • Visits: 38.537 (16.082) (+139%)
  • Search Engine Referers: 85.4% (70.8%) (+20%)

Most popular search terms (and some of the most popular posts):

  1. solrj
  2. svn external
  3. ssh_exchange_identification: connection timed out
  4. solrj example
  5. tortoise svn externals

And then we look ahead for the same post in 2011. Keep your pants on!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the day that we usually celebrate christmas on in Norway. I’ll spend the first four hours of the day at work selling Hi-Fi (as I’ve been doing the last ten days (each single one of them)) at my brother’s store, before visiting my family for the christmas dinner and exchanging of gifts.

I plan spending the rest of the time until returning for work on the 5th of january hacking on some old code for pwned.no and a few other relevant projects.

Anyways, just wanted to wish all readers stumbling across this page all the best for the year to come, and please, stop the holocaust! (on a side note, our christmas tree even got a name this year: Svein. Might not be a good idea when we’re supposed to throw it out, but it could turn out to be a new tradition..)