The Design of Everyday Things

One of the books in my last order-a-lot-of-interesting-books-from-Amazon-craze, was The Design of Everyday Things. I’ve just started reading it, after reading through Robert Hoekman Jr.‘s Designing the Moment on my regular train trip between Fredrikstad and Oslo (good book by the way). The Design of Everyday Things is one of those books that gets mentioned all the time and that I’ve never really gotten around to reading, and I’ll have to say that it’s been an enlighting experience. Since I’ve been reading quite a few user interaction books lately, much of this is stuff I’ve already been introduced to other places, but it’s very nice to be able to put it into a broader context.

I’d recommend the book for anyone who’s going to design a user interface at any time, so get to it and order it today if you haven’t already done it.