Translating Drizzle to Norwegian

As Monty asked for help with translations of the current strings available in Drizzle on his blog yesterday, I sat down a couple of hours yesterday and a couple of hours today to at least attempt to contribute something to the project. As my primary language is Norwegian and I have some experience writing, I decided to tackle the Norwegian (Bokmål, not Nynorsk) translation of Drizzle. I’ve currently finished the 358 available messages, but I’d really appreciate it if someone spent a couple of minutes / hours to read through them and confirm that my assumptions are sane.

The most troubling part when it comes to definitions are the issue of MySQL/Drizzle’s ‘relay log’ which I translated into ‘replikasjonslogg’ – which mainly means “replication log”. This sounds much better in Norwegian, but suddenly the code mentioned both a “replication log” and a “relay log”. I tried finding out what the semantic difference in MySQL were, but were unable to grok anything from the MySQL manual or through a Google search. If anyone has any advice here, it’d be very appreciated. I also made a few notes of where there are obvious errors in the original english strings:

Error on close of '%'s (Errcode: %d)
 - Located in mysys/errors.c:28 

Can't read value for symlink '%s' (Error %d)
 - Located in mysys/errors.c:47 
Can't create symlink '%s' pointing at '%s' (Error %d)
 - Located in mysys/errors.c:48
Copy text Error on realpath() on '%s' (Error %d)
 - Located in mysys/errors.c:49 

%*s(Defaults to on; use --skip-%s to disable.)
 - Missing space
 - Located in mysys/my_getopt.c:1170 

The event could not be processed no other hanlder error happened
 - hanlder
 -  Located in mysys/my_handler_errors.h:118 

SSL information in the master info file ('%s') are ignored because this MySQL slave was compiled without SSL support.
 - MySQL
 - Located in drizzled/ 

Slave I/O thread killed while waitnig to reconnect after a failed registration on master
 - waitnig
 - Located in drizzled/ 

Could not parse relay log event entry. The possible reasons are: the master's binary log is corrupted (you can check this by running 'mysqlbinlog'..
 - mysqlbinlog
 - Located in drizzled/ 

Found wrong key definition in %s; Please do "ALTER TABLE '%s' FORCE " to fix it!
 - feil spaceplass
 - Located in drizzled/ 

Table '%-.64s' was created with a different version of MySQL and cannot be read
 - MySQL
 - Located in drizzled/ 

I could probably submit a patch for this, but seeing as the source is very much in flux these days, I think I’ll wait until it settles down a bit — unless someone is interesting in reviewing and committing an “unimportant” patch at this stage.

BTW: Launchpad worked great for doing translations, so I’m going to look into using gettext and Launchpad for doing translations for and my other services in the future.